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Build amazing web docs in a shared workspace.

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How does it work?

Start a workspace

Get a custom subdomain to access your published documentation.

Invite your team members

Enabling unlimited sharing and hassle-free collaboration with your teams.

Create your documents

Group your documents by projects and start writing with our an editor that includes premade components.

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Beautiful documentation site

Custom subdomain, full-text search across your documents, switching versions, dark mode, and more.

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Simple writing experience

Write using simple yet powerful editor, let it save your draft automatically, and publish with one click.

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Some of our features

Unlimited members per workspace


Full-text search across every document


Dark mode support


Custom subdomain and branding


Documentation versions


Save drafts and publish with one click


Use cases

Why is TheDocs right for you?

TheDocs makes building and managing documents simple and easy. All from a single-platform interface.

Software projects or APIs

No code or design experience needed to build your docs site.

Knowledge bases

Easily organize and search your team's knowledge.

For something else...

Get creative and use TheDocs to collaborate and write your own kind of content.

Documentation has never been this cool.

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